As Real As It Gets

3.3 miles walked
3.3 miles walked

Back on Track

I’m back! It’s been months since my last post. The days have been filled with getting my body and mind back on the same page and on the right track. In September (2017) I was happy that my Hgb A1C had normalized (back to 5.6), so I’m not considered prediabetic any longer! However, I was still having trouble exercising, staying awake and was having body pain again. I started having occasional body pain about 2011, and it just seemed to be getting worse. At the time, I had been hurting for about three weeks as I sat in my doc’s office telling her. We discussed my current meds and she made some changes, discontinuing Lexapro and Wellbutrin and adding Cymbalta. I never wanted to be labeled as having the F word (Fibromyalgia), and had never mentioned it to her before, but at that time, I really didn’t care. I just hurt so bad and wanted to be able to continue to function. I began taking the Cymbalta on September 27th and vividly remember that I stopped hurting on November 10th. Being happy was an understatement.

Able to Move

Making it through the holidays this year wasn’t as difficult. I wasn’t very interested in all of the food as in previous years. I’ve been able to move my body more since the last couple of days in December than I have in a very long time. There are days I still feel tired, but I am learning more each day about being patient, hydrating my body, nutrition, a whole food plant based diet, fueling my body when exercising, exercise and rest days, the need for strength training and the importance of a supportive, non-judgemental community. I may also still feel tired because I snore (possibly have sleep apnea), so I bought a bed wedge for elevation and have a mouthpiece I wear at night. I’m hoping that I won’t have to see an ENT. But, if needed, I will.

Christmas Gifts! Whole Food Plant Based
Christmas Gifts! #wfpb

Making Plans

So, I did a thing. I started over with the half marathon training. I plan on walking a half on April 7th. This past Monday I walked 4 miles. I was stoked! I have to admit, I didn’t walk yesterday or today, but I’m ok with that. I will pick up again tomorrow and Friday. Although I stretched, I’m really sore. I need to look into this rolling thing to see if it works better with soreness.

4 Mile Walk Training
4 Mile Walk #training

Photos of the Real Me!

I did another thing. Seeing all of the “Face to Face Friday”  and “Throwback Tuesday” photos posted in the group I (From Fat To Finish Line on Facebook), I decided I would take a NOW set of photos. One day, I will have a new set to put beside them. For now, THIS is as real as it gets.






It’s Friday!!

Finally! Friday is here. Now I can recover and regroup after this difficult week. I was really tired again today, but made it through the work day. Of course I didn’t eat healthy, since I felt so tired and “needed” comfort food. I ended up eating nothing but fast food ALL DAY, except for some cereal at breakfast. I ate a hamburger in the car for lunch on the way to an appointment. On the way back from my last appointment, I picked up Asian fast food for supper. When I wanted something about 9pm (but wasn’t really hungry), I ate the plate I brought home for Andy that he didn’t want. I haven’t taken in the amount of water I should, and have taken in way too much of my favorite diet soda. I definitely plan to get back on track tomorrow morning.



Repeating Week 2

I’ve had to work on figuring out how to use Word Press, so it’s been a few days since posting. Now I think I at least have the basics! Last week I crushed week one of Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Guide for Walkers, but this week has been hard. I’ve been fighting physical and mental fatigue as well as lack of motivation. I just generally don’t feel well. I’ve been sleeping a lot, but it still doesn’t feel like I’m getting enough. Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday, and I can repeat week 2 starting Saturday without having to worry about working it around my job. I haven’t actually signed up for a run/walk yet. I think I’m afraid I won’t follow through. If I feel then like I’ve felt yesterday and today, that would be true. However, the folks I’ve met say that if I sign up for a run/walk, it makes working towards that goal real and exciting. I’ll have to think more on that. Sometimes I get a bit impulsive.

With feeling like I have the last two days, I’ve not eaten so well. I’ve eaten more carbs and when I haven’t been hungry, which is something I’ve always done. I was so irritable on Tuesday of this week that I HAD to get out and walk. I thought if I didn’t, I would pop out of my skin. Some of this may be hormone related. I thought I had finally hit the big M as in menopause since the last time I had Aunt Flo visit was in January. Well, lo and behold, three days after I started walking last month, I had just a hint of what someone might call a period (never has been like that for me but I’ll take it!), and it lasted oh, about 4 seconds. For some reason as many times before, I stopped walking, that was until a week ago. Then Tuesday, BAM! Let’s just say I haven’t been able to go far for the last few days. Anyway, I hope to be feeling better by Saturday.


Welcome to My Journey

I decided about two weeks ago to try writing a blog capturing my journey to a healthier me. After trying countless times throughout my adult life to get control over unhealthy eating, weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle, I knew I had to be serious and create a permanent lifestyle change. My lab work wasn’t good (I’m now prediabetic). I have a strong family history of Diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease, so it got real pretty fast for me. I knew I needed the accountability but also needed support.

Searching for examples of “personal journey” blogs, I came across an awesome personal blog at The blog led me to a web site, movie and FB community called From Fat To Finish Line ( In just a short time I have met the most wonderful, nonjudgmental and supportive people I think I’ve ever met. I really don’t think I would have gotten through my “week one” without the group. I’m walking for now, but have a dream and goal of being a runner one day.